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Citaten van klanten, collega's en medewerkers:


Interim- en projectmanagement

"Strive for accepted and usefull results" / "real people manager"

"Influences and motivates people"

"A real professional with a good eye for the human side of enterprise"

"One way or another he gets things done and in less time"



"Challenging" / "Makes complex things simple"

"expertise on organizational innovation processes"

"great knowledge, experience and skills in the field of innovation and change management"

"will shake the ground under your feet and start a process in your head you cannot stop"



"Perfect performance"

"Well delivered with humor"

"Provocative" / "By far the most inspirational presentation"

"Inspired our participants to re-belive in their gut-feeling"

"his energy and enthusiasm opened the programme with a BANG!"